Know Your Rates

Rates notices have been sent to all Hawkesbury residents. It is expected that you will receive your Rates notice by mid July 2017.

The Rates notices were included in a special envelope marked ‘Important information about your Rates’.

Sent with the Rates notice were a series of flyers which explained the changes on your Rates notice. Each of the flyers have been attached below if you would like to review them electronically:

Also included in the Rates notice envelope is information about proposed changes to your Rates to commence on 1 July 2018:

A copy of the Hawkesbury City Council Community Report Snapshot 2017 was also included in the Rates notice envelope and can be viewed here.

If you would like further details on the information that was sent with your Rates notice please click on the following links:

Stormwater Management Service Charge Fact Sheet
Rates and Annual Charges Frequently Asked Questions
Rates Information, Forms and Applications
Hawkesbury City Council July 2017 Community Report
Investing in Your Future

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