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Hawkesbury Sports Ground Closures

As at Wednesday 22nd April, 2015.   Grounds will be reinspected on Monday, 27th April, 2015.  Please note that the status of Hawkesbury Sports Council grounds is as follows:- 

It is the responsibility of User Groups to inspect grounds prior to every session of play / training and ensure that they are suitable to train / play on. 

As grounds are opened, User Groups are only permitted to train on the grounds that they have booked, at the times they have them booked. 

If additional wet weather is experienced, User Groups are to inspect the grounds and close them if deemed too wet to play on.  All damage will be the responsibility of the user group.

Bensons Softball Closed

Bensons Baseball Closed

Bensons 2 Closed

Bensons 3 Closed
Bensons 4 Closed

Bensons 5 Closed

Bensons 6 Closed

Bensons 7 Closed
Owen Earle Closed

Bensons Cricket Turf Nets Closed

Bensons Cricket Synthetic Nets Closed

David Bertenshaw Field

Berger Road Closed

Bounty Reserve Closed

Breakaways Closed

Brinsley Closed

Colbee BMX Closed

Colbee Baseball Closed

Colbee Cricket/Soccer Closed

Colonial Reserve Closed

Deerubbin Closed

Don’t Worry Closed

Glossodia Park Closed

Icely Park Closed

McQuade Oval Closed

Mileham Street Netball Open Subject to inspection prior to use
Oakville Oval Closed

Peel Park Closed

Powell Park Tennis Open
Subject to inspection prior to use
Richmond Oval Closed

Tamplin Field Closed
Turnbull Oval Closed

Turnbull All Weather Tennis Open Subject to inspection prior to use
Turnbull Oval Grass Netball Closed
Vineyard Closed

Woodbury Closed

Woodlands I & II Closed


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