Illegally Dumped Rubbish Report

Assist us to control illegal dumping in your neighbourhood.  Report any dumped rubbish to council.

Report a Dumper:

  • Online report form (below)
  • Phone Councils Regulatory Officers 02 4560 4555 if you witnessed the dumping and have the details
  • Phone Council 02 4560 4444 if you only have the dumped rubbish location

If you witness illegal dumping the following details below will assist in the prosecution of a dumper:

  •          Date and time of dumping;
  •          Name and address of person(s) responsible;
  •          Associated vehicle registration number(s);
  •          Photographs

Online Report:

Dob in a Dumper!

Do you wish to remain anonymous? (Leaving your details may help Council in investigations)

Person providing report:



First Name:






Contact Phone:


Did you witness the dumper?

Dumping Details:

Approximate date of dumping:

Description of person dumping rubbish  


General description of person:

Vehicle Details





Rubbish Details:

Where is the dumped rubbish located?

* What is the full address where rubbish has been dumped? (required)

Is there any other information to help us locate the site where the rubbish has been dumped? (nearest crossroad/landmark)

What is the size of the rubbish that has been dumped?

* What does the rubbish mainly consist of, eg. building materials, documents? (required)

Does the dumped rubbish contain any dangerous or hazardous items that you are aware of, eg. asbestos, gas cyclinders? If so, please describe

Do you know how many days the dumped rubbish has been at its current location?

Is the dumped rubbish being added to?

You may upload a photo of the dumped rubbish (photo must be no more than 250kb and of type JPG,GIF or TIFF)


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