World Polo Championship: Information and Timeline

In February 2017, Hawkesbury City Council unanimously voted to amend the Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan 2012 to allow the World Polo Championship Development Application to be lodged.

Council is required to be impartial and provide fair and equal assessment of all Development Applications that it receives. Council has held several meetings to advise and encourage the applicant, Basscave Pty Ltd, trading as Sydney Polo Club, to lodge a complete Development Application in a timely manner.

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 must be followed. Six NSW Government agencies have been consulted in relation to the Development Application (DA0439/17): State Emergency Services (SES), Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), Department of Defence, NSW Police, Sydney Trains, and Ambulance NSW. Some of these agencies have raised issues which still need to be addressed by the applicant.

2017 Timeline

28 February                  
Council Meeting - Council unanimously votes to amend the Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan

5 May
Local Environmental Plan Gazetted by NSW Minister for Planning

5 May, 19 May, 30 June
Development Application submitted but not accepted as it was incomplete

18 July
Development Application resubmitted (fourth attempt) and finally lodged - currently being processed, however this Development Application is yet to meet all necessary requirements under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Outstanding issues still required to be addressed to progress the Development Application lodged on 18 July 2017:

  • Traffic modelling for Roads and Maritime Services
  • Site contamination
  • Illegal buildings
  • Unauthorised earthworks
  • Noise
  • Effluent disposal
  • Risk management and evaluation plan for State Emergency Services.

In relation to the issues above, Council, SES and RMS all have a duty to ensure these issues are addressed before the Development Application can be approved.

It is worth noting, that in relation to flooding and risk management, the Insurance Council of Australia considers the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley, between Penrith and Sackville, to have the highest single flood exposure in NSW, if not Australia.

Further background

Commencing as late as May 2017 (only five months before the proposed event), the applicant lodged an application, which needed to be resubmitted four times due to lack of information. The DA has been exhibited and received 7 public submissions in response.

As an Independent Assessment Authority, Council must objectively consider:

  • All details of application
  • All comments of Referral Authorities
  • The views of any interested parties – identified during the compulsory notification process
  • The safety and welfare of the wider community

Visit here for related documents including the planning proposal and a detailed timeline.


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