Australian Disabled Access Consultants

Australian Disabled Access ConsultantsDisability access consultancy providing services to the building design, construction and transport industries, local community groups and Government Authorities for: Building and landscaping design to ensure that disabled people are not discriminated against. Assess drawings for compliance with Disabled Access design guidelines and provide Accessibility Assessment Reports for DAs and CCs- for Applicants & Councils. Disability Audit inspections of new and existing buildings and provide inspection reports. Disabled Access Action Plans Disabled Access building design - prepare & assist to prepare policies Community advocate Member of Disability Access advisory committees Expert court witness

Contact Details
Concord NSW 2137
Ph: 02 9743 1235
fax: 9743 3872
Contact person:
Brett Boyle
Business Development Manager
Ph: 9743 1235

Areas Serviced:
North West Sydney & Blue Mountains

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