Dog Registration

From 2   September 2002 all dogs over the age of six months must be microchipped and   lifetime registered under the Companion Animals Act 1998, which has replaced the   Dog Act. If you don't you could be fined $275 ($1320 for dangerous or restricted   dogs).

For dogs that have already been microchipped you need to provide proof   of the microchip number (such as the microchipping certificate). Or, you can   take your dog to an authorised identifier and get a signed statement of the   animals microchip number.

For dogs the lifetime registration fees are:

$201 entire animal
$55 if desexed (proof required)
$23 if desexed and   owned by a pensioner (proof required)
$55 recognised breeder (proof   required)
FREE if assistance animal (proof required)

If applying for a pensioner discount, a government pension card must be shown.

For further information or details concerning the above please contact the animal shelter on (02) 4560 4644 or visit the companion animals website at

For further information please see Animal Services

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