Swinging and Jacqui Stockdale: The Quiet Wild

11 July 2014 - 31 August 2014

Was there ever a more exciting decade for fashion than the 1960s? Think denim jeans, mods, minis, maxis, paisley prints, jerkins, suede skirts, unisex, tye-dyeing, and even PVC. All this excitement will be recalled in our next exhibition, titled Swinging, which comes to us courtesy of The Cavalcade of History and Fashion Inc.

The Quiet Wild is a series of photographic portraits of mystical characters in masquerade set against hand-painted landscapes. The portraits playfully mimic the genre of exotic postcards and historical paintings in which a fanciful subject is formally positioned within a make-believe landscape. The hand-painted settings feature Australian scenery including Stockdale’s mother’s property in Bendigo, Melbourne Botanical Gardens and Lake Saint Claire in Tasmania.

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