Work, rest and play

Work, rest and play

The subject of play is explored in all its colorful variations in this group exhibition designed to amuse and delight, and an opportunity to ponder (for those who wish to go there) the role of play in life and art.

It was David Hockney (the influential British artist) who said, 'People tend to forget that play is serious', a sentiment with which exhibition curator, Elissa Blair, is in complete agreement. 'When it comes to art, play can mean experimenting, stepping into different realities, treating viewers as playmates or even changing identities,' says Elissa, who has gathered together some of the most exciting contemporary artists of the day to help elucidate the theme, including:

Tully Arnot, Jaqueline Bradley, Michaela Gleave, James Newton, Simone Rosenbauer, Sally Smith, Niomi Sands, Andrew Sullivan, Simon Yates and Louise Zhang



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