Cycle and Bushwalks Guides

Best Cycle Rides Around The HawkesburyBest Cycle Rides Around The Hawkesbury

This handy, pocket sized guide contains twelve rides, concise maps, detailed routes, road and safety recommendations and latest cycling rules. All levels of cyclists are catered for – from beginners and children to the more experienced recreational rider. At $6, it is available from the Hawkesbury Visitor Information Centre, Hawkesbury Regional Museum, Windsor and our libraries at Windsor and Richmond.

Before your ride

A 10 minute pre-ride check at home can make your ride more enjoyable and safer.

  • Check brakes for stopping power.
  • Check tyre pressure against the recommended settings. If you don’t know the settings inflate your tyres until they feel firm when pinched.
  • Check your chain for rust or wear.
  • Lever up and down through your gears ensuring they change smoothly.
  • Check your bike saddle is secure and the lever is in the lock position.
  • Lift your bike up and spin the tyres ensuring nothing is catching on the tyres, brakes or rims. Check that the tyres are running true (straight) – ie. no wobbles. Are the pedal crank arms rotating smoothly?
  • Check that your lights and reflectors are in working order. Does your bell work?
  • Take your bike to an experienced bike mechanic at least once a year. They have the skills and equipment to give your bike a complete once-over.

Bushwalk Around the Hawkesbury Guide CoverBest Bushwalks Around The Hawkesbury

This popular and up-to-date guide describes twelve of the Hawkesbury’s best bushwalks – complete with maps and detailed walk notes.  All levels of walker are catered for – from beginner to the more experienced hiker.

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