About Council

Local residents can now find new Local Government brochures and fact sheets about various aspects of local government at Council offices.

Council’s vision is outlined in the Hawkesbury Community Strategic Plan 2017-2036. This plan signifies a new approach to the way Hawkesbury City Council prepares plans, program activities, budgets and reports. It captures the vision of where our community as a whole, would like to be 20 years from now.

On 1st January 1981 Windsor Municipality and Colo Shire were amalgamated and the new Shire of Hawkesbury was created.  Artist Dennis Adams was commissioned to design a suitable crest that should portray the essence of Hawkesbury.

The symbol comprises a stylised illustration of the letter 'H', representing the river, land and sky.

Council contact numbers and location.

The organisational structure diagram shows the lines of accountability. All staff are ultimately accountable through the General Manager to the Council and the Council is accountable to the citizens of Hawkesbury.

Hawkesbury City Council will align its business objectives to the directions and goals within the Hawkesbury Community Strategic Plan 2017-2036.

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