Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils LTD (WSROC)

(WSROC) operations are supported by a number of committees and groups comprising staff from member Councils (and in some cases representatives from other relevant organisations). All member councils make an equal annual contribution to the operating costs of WSROC and have equal voting rights. A number of professional committees and staff working groups from member Councils also meet regularly to assist in implementing the work program and to discuss major regional issues.

The work program centres on WSROC's primary role - to lobby for the councils and communities of Western Sydney. The organisation conducts research and prepares regional reports and submissions to support this advocacy role and also works to develop resource sharing and other cooperative projects between member Councils. WSROC also manages a number of projects, which are either funded jointly by its members or from external sources.

WSROC has a reputation for considered policy analysis and advocacy on a wide range of issues affecting the residents of Western Sydney. These include urban planning and management, public transport, roads, infrastructure, economic development, environment, employment, community services and a range of local government issues. WSROC has been responsible for improvements in many of these areas and has helped to create many of the region's institutions and agencies.

For more information, visit the WSROC website.

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