Construction Certificate (CC)

Before you are able to begin building work both a Development Consent and a Construction Certificate is required.

Step by Step Construction Certificate

What is a Construction Certificate?

The Construction Certificate is an approval that is concerned with establishing technical compliance and certifies that:

  • certifies that the construction plans and specifications satisfy the National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia)
  • certifies that the design satisfies all applicable standards (e.g. Australian Standards)
  • confirms that all development consent conditions have been satisfied
  • confirms that all required security bonds/deposits or monetary contributions have been paid
  • addresses structural considerations associated with the building work
  • provides a fire safety schedule addressing all necessary fire protection measures (not applicable to Class 1a and 10 buildings)
  • contains any specific requirements issued by the NSW Fire Brigades

When do I apply for a Construction Certificate?

A Construction Certificate is required before you commence any building or construction works.  The application may be lodged:

  • at the same time that you apply for Development Consent as a combined application; or
  • following receipt of the Development Consent.

It is recommended that combined applications only be lodged for development of a minor nature that satisfy all relevant planning controls.

Who can issue a Construction Certificate?

A Construction Certificate can be issued by Council or an Accredited Certifier (private certifier).  If issued by an Accredited Certifier, a copy of the certificate, associated plans and specifications must be forwarded to Council within two days after the date of determination.

How do I find a Certifier?

The Building Professionals Board provides levels of accreditation for certifiers depending on a certifier’s technical expertise, qualifications and experience.  Council has A1 Accredited Certifiers that are available to certify the broad range of building works.

You are advised to check the level of accreditation of a certifier prior to engaging them to confirm that they have suitable qualifications to enable them to issue the certificate that you need.  The register of accredited certifiers contains information relating to certifiers, levels of accreditation and any restrictions relating to the type of buildings that they may certify.

What do I need to provide with a Construction Certificate application?

A Construction Certificate application is to include:

  • completed application form;
  • detailed building plans and specifications (in the case of a building Construction Certificate);
  • detailed engineering plans (in the case of a subdivision Construction Certificate and where applicable, also a building Construction Certificate);
  • specification of works and other relevant documents; and
  • payment of the appropriate application fees and charges

What is the fee to lodge a Construction Certificate?

To obtain a fee quote please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (02) 4560 4444 or email providing the details of your development, cost of works and appointment of Principal Certifying Authority.

Construction Certificates FAQ

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