Step 3 – What information is required?

The Development Application form is to detail what type of approval is being sought, including a description of the proposed development, providing consent of the owner/s of the property, contact details for the applicant including address, phone numbers and email address.  In addition, details relating to the estimated cost of the development, a political gifts and disclosure statement, materials proposed to be used in construction, existing/proposed floor area and any other approvals that are being sought from other public authorities.

Council has prepared a number of application checklists for various types of common development to guide you in ensuring that the relevant information is provided when you submit your Development Application.  In addition, the checklists also detail the number of copies of documents required and provide links to a glossary of development terms that contains further explanatory information.  If you intend to carry out more than one development type with your application such as a dwelling house and a swimming pool, you will need to submit the information that is required from both checklists.

Council prefers electronic copies of ALL documents (including application forms, plans and associated expert reports).  These can be provided on a CD or DVD.  For more information please refer to the File Format and File Name Requirements for Digital Documents Fact Sheet.  The number of hard copies required on the relevant DA Checklist will also still be required to be provided with your application.  If you do not provide an electronic copy of your application a file scanning fee will apply.

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