Step 4 – How do I Lodge a DA?

Please ensure you have completed the application form, associated checklist, plans and all required supporting documents.

To assist applicants with preparing and lodging development applications that are ready for assessment, the New South Wales Government has released a comprehensive guide to the Development Application process involved (including construction approval processes). The guide also provides explanations of each step towards a determination and can be accessed here.

The Process – Step by Step

Prior to lodgement

The applicant collates all documentation and information required for the application.

Please consult Councils’ DA Glossary for guidance as to the requirements of how documentation and plans are to be prepared.

Please complete the relevant checklist to accompany your application to ensure the application is complete:

Rejected DA Lodgement - If your application is lodged in person or via mail and is incomplete it cannot be accepted for processing. Council officers will highlight any plans and documents that are missing.  If the DA was posted into Council, the application will be sent back with a request for the missing information.

You can lodge your assessment ready DA:

In person - You can lodge your application at our Customer Service Centre at 366 George Street Windsor, between 9.00am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

By mail - Applications are also accepted by mail to: Hawkesbury City Council, P.O. Box 146, Windsor NSW 2756 or to: DX 8601 Windsor

As of 29 June 2020 you will be able to lodge via the NSW Planning Portal – Prior to lodging your application via the Planning Portal, you will need to first register an account

Once you have registered you will be able to lodge the development application Online at:

Lodgement through the Planning Portal:

  1. As the first step in the process all documents and plans are to be uploaded to the planning portal. There are no fees payable at this stage. You will receive an acknowledgement letter.
  2. Council will review the documentation within 72 business hours of receipt of the application

    The applicant will be contacted via the portal for the following:
  • Advice of acceptance of the application and request for fees to be paid (Please note payment details should be emailed directly to Council, and not uploaded via the portal), or
  • Return of the application with a request for additional information to be provided.
  1. If the application is accepted, one (1) hard copy of all documents and plans are to accompany the fee payment.
  2. When the required fee/s is paid, the application will then be lodged and assessment of the application will commence.

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