Step 5 – What happens next?

When your DA is accepted and the DA fees are paid, you will be allocated a DA number (eg. DA0123/14) and an assessment officer.  You can use the DA number to check key steps in the assessment process via Council’s DA tracker on the website: Application Tracking System or quote the DA number when speaking to the assessment officer about your application.

Assessment officers can be contacted via phone through the Customer Service Centre between 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.  You can also contact the assessing officer by direct email using the DA reference number.  During the assessment process you will be advised if there are any issues with your proposal and may be requested to consider making modifications. Please note that each assessing officer will be dealing with a large number of applications at any one time and may also be out on-site when you phone.

Public Comment

If your DA is required to be notified the period of time it is made available for public comment is generally 14 days however in certain circumstances can be extended to 30 days (depending on likely impacts on the development).  The notification process involves the following:

* letters are sent to owners and occupiers of adjoining and nearby land including a copy of your plans
* copies of plans are available for viewing at Council
* the application, plans and associated documents are placed on Council's Application Tracking System

and in certain circumstances , additional steps are undertaken such as

* a notice is placed on the site
* the DA is advertised in the local newspaper

Further information on the notification requirements can be found in Notification of Development Applications of Hawkesbury DCP.

Any submissions will be reviewed by the assessing officer and as an applicant you will be given the opportunity to respond to the issues before your DA is determined.  Also, if a DA is amended before a determination is made, the changes may require re-notification and be subject to a re-notification fee.


Many applications will require input from professional experts within Council.  If this is the case the application will be referred to the relevant professional e.g. Building Surveyor, Development Engineer, Heritage Advisor, Urban Design Advisor and Environmental Health Officer.  Their advice will be included as part of the overall assessment of an application.  If the application is classified as ‘Integrated Development’ or if it involves land that is subject to the comments from a public authority it may also be forwarded at this time to the relevant public authority for their consideration.  Any advice or terms of approval received will be included as part of the assessment of an application.

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