State Environment Planning Policy SEPP 1 Register

Register of variations to development standards using State Environmental Planning Policy No.1 - as required by Department of Planning circular B1, issued 17th March, 1989.

The development consents are available for public inspection, without charge, at Council offices, Windsor. Office hours are 8.30am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Register of Variations to Development Standards


Appl/Proc ID

Property Address


29 Apr 2009 DA 0826/08
29 Cabbage Tree Road, Grose Vale

a two (2) lot Torrens title subdivision

19 Mar 2009

DA 0046/08

532 Cornwallis Road, Cornwallis
Animal Establishment Polo Horse Training Facility

May 2010

Lot 3 DP 233054 and Part B DP 158748, 11 Macquarie Street, Windsor
Construction of a Service Station

28 Jun 2010


43 Bootles Lane , Pitt Town.
2 lot Torrens title subdivision to provide for a Water Recycling Facility

2 Sep 2010

DA 0588/10

1/16 Groves Avenue, Mulgrave
Refreshment Room

1 Sep 2010


33 North Street, Windsor
Alterations & Additions to dwelling, shed and garage with loft.

11 May 2011


7 Buckingham Street, Pitt Town
Subdivision of (1) one lot into 196 lots , 2 developments lots and 1 residue lot

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