Duty Officer

If you need assistance with your general enquiry about a building or development related matter then use Council’s free-of-charge Duty Officer service.  Our daily duty officer will be either a building or planning professional with expertise to answer your questions.

  • Counter Enquiries –  Council provides a "face-to-face" enquiry service (no appointment required) at the front counter of Council's Administration Centre in Windsor from 8.30am until 1pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays).
  • Phone calls –  During business hours you can phone in your enquiry via our call centre
    (02) 4560 4444. The  Duty Officer will return your call either  that afternoon  (where possible) or the following day (depending on the volume of enquiries).
  • Letters/Emails – You can send us written correspondence and we aim to respond within 10 working days of receiving your enquiry

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