State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 - (SEPP Infrastructure)

The SEPP Infrastructure has been introduced to allow public authorities and individual property owners to undertake a range of minor works without needing to obtain approvals under NSW planning legislation that:

  • complies with the controls set out in SEPP Infrastructure;
  • does not impact on heritage or the amenity of surrounding areas;
  • meets the standards under the National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia); and
  • is of minimal environmental impact.

If exempt development is to be undertaken under SEPP Infrastructure the relevant sections that are required to be considered are included in the General requirements for exempt development.

Exempt development under the SEPP Infrastructure covers a wide range of public works (eg. telecommunications, power, water and sewer) that do not need consent.  However for domestic works the exemptions include:

  • Small wind turbine systems
  • Wind monitoring towers
  • Solar energy systems (photovoltaic electricity generating, solar hot water and solar air heating)

SEPP Infrastructure also allows for the provision of certain infrastructure and service facilities to be undertaken without development consent.

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