Fee Quotation

Application fees will vary depending on the nature and cost of works,notification requirements, referrals for associated agency approvals, and State legislated fee arrangements. Before you lodge an application it is recommended that you obtain a written fee quotation from Council to show the current fees and charges applicable.

So we can provide you with an accurate estimate the following details are required with your request:

  • Description of the development
  • Property address details
  • Type of approval/s being sought:
    • Development Application
    • Construction Certificate
    • Complying Development Certificate
    • Subdivision Construction Certificate
    • Subdivision Certificate
    • Design Compliance Certificate
    • Modification of Consent (S96)
    • Review of Determination (S82A)
  • Estimated cost of development (inclusive of materials, labour &GST)
  • Integrated development approvals required (see below)

You can lodge your request for a written fee quotation by:

Email: council@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au
Phone: (02) 4560 4444
In Person: at Council's Customer Service Centre located at

366 George Street or (PO Box 146)
Windsor NSW 2756

Council's Fees and Charges may be found in the following publication:

Operational Plan - Fees & Charges

Integrated Development Agency Fees

Under the planning laws, development requiring consent from other agencies is classed as "integrated development". Integrated development applications are referred to the relevant agency (eg. Rural Fire Service) and any terms of approval required by the agency will be incorporated into the conditions of any development consent issued by Council.

Additional fees and documents are required for integrated development and must be paid on lodgement of your application with Council. Duty Officer scan help you with any requirements associated with your development type.

Planning Reform Fee

Council's collect the Planning Reform Fee (plan FIRST) on behalf of the NSW Government for building works or subdivisions that are estimated to have a value greater than $50,000. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the estimated development cost and is payable upon lodgement of a Development Application (DA).

Long Service Levy

If your proposal involves building work with a value of more than $25,000 you need to pay the Building Industry Long Service Levy. You must pay this before the release of the Construction Certificate.

Further information may be found on the Long Service Levy website.

Development Contributions (Section 94, 94A &64)

Development contributions are a levy charged against approved development under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The payments are collected by Council to go towards the capital cost of providing community facilities such as open space or other community infrastructure within the Hawkesbury local government area.

Should your proposal be subject to development contributions, this will be included as a condition in your development consent. Development contributions must be paid before construction is able to commence and usually before a Construction Certificate is issued.

The amount payable is determined in accordance with Council's adopted development contributions plans. The plans set out the circumstances in which a contribution can be imposed, the method for calculating the contributions and the program of works on which the contribution is to be spent. There is also typically an indexing rate that applies to the original levy amount after a period of time.

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More Information

More information can be obtained by either contacting Council's Customer Service Centre on
(02) 4560 4444 or via email: council@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au.

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