Draft HLEP 1989 (Amendment 154)

Rezoning of land in New Street, The Terrace and Johnston Street,Windsor

Council at its meeting of 24 June 2008 resolved to rezone Lot 8 DP1066324, 8 New Street; Lot 6 DP1066233, 6 New Street; Part Lot 51 DP1073306 (walkway to New Street); Lot 1 DP804295, 4 New Street; Lot 11&12 DP854037, 2 New Street; Part Lot 51 DP1073306 (land on the south western side of Johnston Street); Lot 1 DP70063, 17 Johnston Street; SP49911, 19 Johnston Street; Lot 1 DP800664, 23-27 Johnston Street, Windsor to Business General 3(a) / B2 Local Centre. (Note: Lot 51 DP 1073306 is now known as Lot 20 DP 1114152).

The purpose of the draft plan is to zone the above mentioned land for business purposes, allow limited residential development on the land, and introduce a building height control over the land.

The draft plan and supporting documentation is on public exhibition during normal office hours at the Council offices George Street, Windsor for the period Thursday 22 October 2009 to Monday 23 November 2009.

Interested persons are invited to inspect the draft plan and associated documents. Written submissions, quoting “Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan 1989 (Amendment 154)” will be received by Council no later than the final day of exhibition. Enquiries should be made to Philip Pleffer on (02) 4560 4544.

Note: the Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan 1989, relevant State Environmental Planning Policies and Sydney Regional Environmental Plans, and Section 117 Directions substantially govern the content and operation of the draft local environmental and any submissions made pursuant to section 67 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 should be made having regard to this fact.

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