Hawkesbury Residential Land Strategy

Council adopted, on 10 May 2011, the Hawkesbury Residential Land Strategy.  The aim of the Strategy is to:

  • Accommodate  between 5,000 to 6,000 additional dwellings by 2031, primarily within the existing urban areas as prescribed in the Department of Planning’s North West Subregional Strategy;
  • Preserve the unique and high quality natural environment of the LGA;
  • Accommodate changing population, which presents new demands in terms of housing, services and access;
  • Identify on-going development pressures to expand into natural and rural areas, as well as new development both in and around existing centres; and
  • Identify physical constraints of flood, native vegetation and bushfire risk.
  • Ensure that the appropriate infrastructure is planned and provided to cater for future development.

The Strategy does not rezone land or approve development of areas or localities.  The Strategy has set a planning framework to assist in the implementation of the above aims and will be used to guide the preparation and assessment of rezoning proposals.

Chapters 1 and 2 of the Strategy set out the background to the preparation of the Strategy, the statutory context and the residential development model that is used as the basis for the Strategy.

Chapter 3 reviews the current population and housing needs of the Hawkesbury and also uses these to project the demographic changes for the life of the Strategy to 2031.

Chapter 4 reviews the key issues to development in the Hawkesbury and Chapter 5 undertakes the opportunity and constraints analysis based on those identified issues.  Chapter 5 also identifies the areas suitable for further investigation to determine suitability for development.

Chapter 6 sets out the sustainable development framework that is to be used by applicants and Council in the preparation and assessment of rezoning proposals (Planning Proposals).  This framework will also be used to monitor and review the Strategy approximately every five years following release of Census data.


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