Safe Removal of Fibro

Council has an important role in approving the demolition and some renovation of buildings that may contain asbestos. Council is often the first point of contact for residents who believe they have identified asbestos in their homes.

Council also encounters problems associated with the illegal disposal of asbestos. Thus Council aims to actively educate residents about asbestos identification and its safe removal.

This website information aims is to educate communities in the following ways:

  • Providing and distributing primary information and references
  • Advising of web contacts
  • Providing advice as to the penalties under Protection of the Environment Operations Act.

Important website information and links:

The NEW Do-It-Yourself Safely Guide for Home Renovators

The following websites for general information, relevant publications and answers to frequently asked questions regarding safe removal practices for asbestos: - provides advice on licenses, licensed contractors, and guidelines necessary for asbestos removal at home and in the workplace.  

NSW Environment Protection Authority - provides information on guidelines necessary for asbestos removal, transport and licensed landfills.

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