Charities and Community Organisations

Charities and community organisations

Charities and community organisations play an important role in our community, and fundraising events are a major contribution to the work of the community and no one wants people to get sick from the food they eat at these events.

In Australia, food law places many responsibilities on the proprietor of a food business. If you are the organiser of an event or an official of a charity or community organisation that is selling food, you need to be aware of these responsibilities.

There are two main requirements for temporary food businesses operating in the Hawkesbury.

  1. Read the 'Food Safety Guidelines for Charities and Community Organisations' booklet.
  2. Complete the temporary food premises and food vending vehicles registration form and return to Council in order to be put on a register. Make sure the registration number you are provided with is kept and retained on the food premises during operation within the Hawkesbury area. Once the registration period lapses a new application form will need to be completed. There is no fee associated with the registration of your business with Council.

Council's Environmental Health Officers conduct routine inspections of stalls and stands at fetes, fairs, markets, festivals, carnivals or other similar events. Businesses will be required to pay an inspection fee ranging from $73.85 for low risk production to $147.75 for high risk food production when an inspection has been conducted. Registration forms received thirty (30) days prior to the event will receive a discounted inspection fee. A registration and inspection fee is only payable when an inspection has been conducted and should not be paid when registering only. Temporary food stalls that are held by not-for-profit community groups or charities are  exempt from paying fees but will still be inspected.

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