Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a minute mineral fibre which is known to cause severe health conditions when inhaled. The building product that is referred to as asbestos is fibrous cement sheeting, or "fibro". Asbestos or fibro removal is therefore regulated by a number of authorities in New South Wales including the WorkCover Authority.

Commercial asbestos removal is the removal of fibro (or other asbestos containing material) that is carried out by a person other than the occupier or owner of the land; such as a building contractor.

Owners and occupiers that are undertaking asbestos removal work by themselves are not commercially removing asbestos, and should check the DIY guide here. The amount of material you are able to remove is addressed below.

From 1 January 2008 a bonded asbestos licence is required for the removal of more than 10 square Metres of bonded asbestos (about the size of a small bathroom).

Note that the requirements are applicable to bonded asbestos sheeting only. If the material is significantly damaged from weather, or impact; the material is likely to be friable, and will also require a licensed removalist.

Further information can be obtained from this Workcover's Factsheet or by contacting WorkCover on telephone number 13 10 50

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