Control of Legionella Bacteria

Council is required to keep a register of Regulated Systems such as cooling towers installed in premises in the area to help control Legionella. It is your legal responsibility as owner/occupier to ensure that Council is provided with the necessary information.

Examples of these Regulated Systems include:

  • Water cooling towers for air conditioners or industrial applications
  • Humidifying systems for agricultural/industrial applications
  • Warm water systems including but not limited to thermostatic mixing
    valves in hospitals
  • Evaporative coolers attached to non-residential premises.

Council is required under the Public Health Act 1991 and regulations to keep a register as part of the control of Legionella bacteria, which is responsible for Legionnaires disease. The disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. The bacteria are present in the environment, but can grow rapidly to hazardous numbers in systems where water is regularly stored above 26 degrees Celsius and the appropriate sterilisation methods are not maintained to a satisfactory standard.

Registration forms are available from Councils Regulatory Services branch or online. For further information on controlling Legionnaires disease, or the associated Australian Standards, contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 4560 4444.


Below are links to fact sheets on Legionnaires disease developed by NSW Health and Hawkesbury City Council.

Environmental Health Fact Sheet - Legionnaires’ Disease

Environmental Health Fact Sheet - Legionnaires’ Disease Control for Building Owners and Occupiers

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