Skin Penetration Procedures

Premises where hairdressing and skin penetration procedures are carried out are regularly inspected by council's Environmental Health Officers.

Procedures performed at these premises include:

  • hairdressing
  • tattooing
  • body piercing (including ear piercing)
  • beauty therapy (eg. cutting of cuticles and skin wicks, removal of dead skin and black head extraction)
  • acupuncture
  • manicure (including acrylic and gel nails)
  • pedicure
  • any other activity which includes skin penetration.

Premises are checked for compliance with public health legislation and associated codes and guidelines that deal with issues such as cleanliness, defective construction, sterilisation of equipment and usage practices and personal hygiene of staff.

Council registration

All of these premises are required to be registered with the Local Council.

Hairdresser/Skin Penetration premises - Application for Registration

Skin Penetration Seminar Registration Form

Further information

For further information regarding current legislation and fact sheets please visit NSW Health Department or contact Hawkesbury City Council's Environmental Health staff on Phone (02) 4560 4444.

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