Overgrown Property

Overgrown properties look untidy and provide a refuge for vermin. Council requires that land owners maintain their property in a healthy condition to discourage mice, rats and snakes. High rainfall encourages rapid growth of vegetation, especially during the spring and summer months.

Not all residents have the desire to keep properties in a park like conditions and this should be taken into consideration before a complaint is lodged with Council. It is encouraged to try to solve the problem amicably by talking to the property owner or manager if known. Often people are unaware that their activity or lack of property maintenance is causing a problem and are usually happy to address the problem after being notified.

Council will respond to a customer request to have overgrown vegetation in built up urban areas addressed. An inspection will be carried out at the property and if it is considered to be in a state which is likely to render the land unsafe or unhealthy then Council may initiate regulatory action.

For all customer requests in relation to the potential fire risk of overgrown rural properties Council will forward these to the NSW Rural Fire Service for investigation and action.

The time taken to have requests for vegetation to be maintained will depend upon weather conditions and the property owner’s willingness to respond to and manage the overgrown vegetation.

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