Do you use Pesticides at home, work or on the farm?

To ensure the safe and effective use of pesticides:

  • Only used registered pesticides . Registered pesticides have an NRA or APVMA approval number on their label.
  • Apart from use on residential properties, you will need to understand your responsibilities under the Pesticides Act. You will need to be trained in the correct use, and you will need to keep records.
  • Read the label . The label contains important information about using a pesticide.
  • Follow the label directions. The label tells you how to use the product safely and effectively, including what protective gear you may need.
  • Report adverse experiences. You can report adverse experiences that may occur when you use the pesticide according to label directions.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), an Australian government authority, is responsible for much of the regulation of pesticides used in Australia. Pesticides are thoroughly assessed before they can be registered and supplied in Australia.

The NSW Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) over looks the Pesticides Act 1999. The focus of this legislation is to protect health, the environment, property and trade while safeguarding responsible pesticide use.

Pesticides can be dangerous if incorrectly applied or managed, especially to those people who work with pesticides or are regularly exposed to them. Training in their correct use will minimise mistakes being made when using pesticides. It is one of the most effective ways of protecting workers who use pesticides regularly, their families, the community, trade and the environment. If you apply pesticides as part of your job or business, or use other people to apply pesticides, then you need to follow these rules.

Occasionally, unusual or rare problems occur when chemicals are used. If you experience a problem after using, or being exposed to a pesticide, you can report the problem to the APVMA’s Adverse Experience Reporting Program using the appropriate form on the web (see link below). You can also call the APVMA on (02) 6272 3651. Your feedback allows the APVMA to monitor the safety and effectiveness of pesticides and to make any changes to product registration that may be necessary.

Further information.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)

For information on the correct use of pesticides, and the disposal of unwanted pesticides, speak to an environmental health officer at Councils' Regulatory Control branch. Phone (02) 4560 4444.


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