Consider becoming part of a joint rabbit control program and control feral rabbits on your own property.

From an original 24 rabbits released in Victoria in 1859, Australia is now home to the largest feral rabbit population in the world. Rabbits invaded Australia faster than any other mammal on any other continent. Rabbits are recognised as a pest under the Rural Lands Protection Act 1998. They are well adapted to the harsh Australian conditions and populations multiply rapidly when conditions are favourable. Rabbits compete with native animals for food, shelter and territory. They are also a key food source encouraging the growth of fox populations. Rabbits shelter and breed in urban areas and bushland and graze in open grassy areas such as lawns.

Residents should consider the demands of owning a pet rabbit before purchasing. The release or dumping of any domestic animal is illegal under the National Parks and Wildlife Act (1974), Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1979), Rural Lands Protection Act (1998).

To control feral rabbits in the Hawkesbury area, contact the Local Land Services.

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