Adaption Planning

In 2012 the consultant GHD was asked by Council to identify climate and natural hazard risks in the Hawkesbury. The report identified 27 potential risks across nine theme areas including:

  • Flooding and Urban and Built Areas
  • Building Resilience and Coordinated Emergency Management
  • Managing Development to Consider Climate Changes in Growth Areas
  • Bushfire Risk Management
  • Maintaining Roads and Bridges
  • The Natural Environment’s Response to Temperature, Rainfall and other Climate Changes
  • Protecting the Region’s Heritage and Community Infrastructure, especially from Storms
  • Stormwater, Drainage, Infrastructure and water Quality; and
  • The Built Environment’s Response to Temperature, Rainfall and other Climatic Changes

A copy of the report which discusses these issues can be viewed here.

As part of a second stage to the project an Adaption Action Plan Planning for Climate and Natural Hazards was prepared in February 2016 by Cardno. The Adaption Action Plan identified 16 Adaption Actions which were prepared in response to the theme areas identified in the GHD report above. Over the next 5 to 10 years Council will seek funding to undertake Adaption Actions identified in the Plan. The Adaption Action Plan can be viewed here.

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