Illegal Dumping

Illegally dumped roadside rubbishIllegal dumping is the unlawful deposit of waste onto private or public land.

Illegal dumping creates an unsightly appearance to neighbourhoods, effects property values, quality of life, and increases problems with safety. Illegal dumping also has both major environmental and financial costs.

Environmental effects of illegal dumping include:

  • Contamination of lands, water sources and soils
  • Destroys local bushland
  • Degrades plant and animal habitats
  • Hampers revegetation efforts
  • Reduces biodiversity value.

Financially, illegal dumping shows no care or respect for our community or the environment and can cost ratepayers through the significant costs to local councils – an estimated $10 million a year is spent by NSW local governments removing waste and properly disposing of it.

There are many disposal alternatives for common household items.

Report a Dumper

Help Council limit the occurrence of illegal dumping in your neighbourhood.

Trolley Services Australia Pty Ltd provides an information service to all major retailers in NSW which include Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, Franklins, Big W and Target.

It is an offence under the Impounding Act 1993 to abandon a motor vehicle in a public place and penalties exceeding $550 may be issued.

coveryourloaduteAlways ensure that when you are transporting waste your load is adequately covered, or you could face being fined.

The Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act) provides a tiered range of illegal dumping offence provisions/fines.

Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) are filters that catch stormwater pollution (litter) before it has a chance to enter waterways.

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