TV and Computer Recycling

TV and Computer Recycling

TV and Computer equipment can now be taken by Hawkesbury residents to the Hawkesbury City Waste Management Facility at 1 The Driftway, South Windsor, which is open 7 days a week from 8am-4pm (excluding public holidays).

Items that will be accepted for free for recycling:

Computers, Monitors, Notebooks, Printers, Fax machines, Scanners, CD drives, Hard drives, TVs, VCR players, DVD players, Projectors, Networking equipment, Cables, Keyboards, Mice, Floppy discs, Electronic games/toys, Stereos, Cameras, Video cameras, IPods, MP3 players.

Around 16.8 million televisions, computers and related accessories are disposed of each year in Australia, of this staggering amount only 20-30% of these products are recycled.

There has never been a better time to safely dispose of your unwanted TVs, computers and IT accessories. This free collection event will ensure a responsible recycling approach and keep valuable materials out of landfill, as well as chemicals used in the products, such as lead, cadmium and arsenic. This is an important move towards achieving a sustainable future as there are many materials that can be recovered from these products.

Important Notice:

  • It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure all data is erased from their devices before being handed over for recycling
    All unwanted products that may contain personal data will be processed in a manner that effectively destroys any information left on them. Saving and deleting personal data from these devices and components remains the responsibility of the public and householders prior to taking to the landfill
    Mobile Phones: The MobileMuster recycling process involves the safe destruction of data held on phones. That said, MobileMuster recommends that the public remove data from their mobile and SIM card before dropping it off for even greater security.
  • PC World - How to securely erase your hard driveThis external link will open in a new window

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