Hawkesbury Recycling Results

During 2012-2013, NSW local councils reported the following domestic waste and recycling information for their communities:

  • NSW households generated 3.47 million tonnes of domestic waste, comprising 2.02 million tonnes of residual waste and 1.45 million tonnes of recyclable materials (dry recycling and organics) collected from kerbside and clean-up services, and drop off facilities.
  • The average NSW household generated 23.6 kg of domestic waste per week or 9.2 kg per person per week.  This was a slight drop from 2011-12 when 24.4 kg and 9.4 kg were reported respectively.
  • The recycling rate for total domestic waste dropped slightly to 46.5%, compared to 47.0% the previous year.
  • More than 1.61 million tonnes of materials were recovered from kerbside and clean-up services, drop off facilities and alternative waste treatment (AWT) facilities.
  • An average NSW household generated 5.1 kg of recyclable materials, 5.3 kg of organic waste and 11.7 kg of residual waste per week.
  • 1.86 million tonnes of domestic waste were disposed of to landfill, which included 1.77 million tonnes of residual waste and around 93,000 tonnes of contaminates from dry recyclable and organic waste streams.
  • Domestic waste disposed of to landfill dropped by 1.4% compared to 2008-09 (1.89 million tonnes).
  • Twenty one councils sent 437,141 tonnes of kerbside residual waste to an AWT facility, of which 236,212 tonnes (or 54%) was recovered.  The total waste sent to AWT facilities for processing increased by 40% (or 168,530 tonnes) compared to 2008-09.


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