Council Services

Waste Service Options and Charges

The standard sustainable bin service of a 140L rubbish bin and a 240L recycling bin will suit most households. View the Waste Service Options and Charges available to Hawkesbury residents and businesses to decide what service is most suitable for you.


The best way to preserve natural resources, reduce air pollution, save energy and cut greenhouse gasses is to initially avoid creating waste. The choices we make not just in the home, but at the shops and in the office make a collective impact on the amount of waste we generate and the future of our planet.


Hawkesbury City Council provides a household waste collection service which is available to all residences within the Local Government Area.

Garden Organics Service

Following extensive community consultation, Hawkesbury City Council will be introducing a garden organics collection service, which will commence in urban areas of the city in October 2013.

Kerbside Bulk Cleanup Collection

All Hawkesbury City Council residents with a domestic waste collection service provided by Council, can now book one Kerbside Bulk Waste Household Cleanup Service each financial year.

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