Food Scraps

Food Scraps

Environmental Issues

A large amount of waste that goes to landfill is food scraps. This represents a wasted resource. In landfill, food breaks down and releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas, while also producing liquid waste known as leachate that can impact on the environment. Not only that, wasted food is not only a waste of money, it's a waste of the resources when you take into account what was needed to grow, harvest, transport, process, store and distribute the food.

Compost Method

  • Turn your unwanted food waste into free fertiliser for your garden and start your own compost or wormfarm

Reduce Method

Each NSW household throws away more than $1,000 of food per year, and most of it could have been eaten. In the Hawkesbury, currently 29% of contents in the average garbage bin is food waste.

Explore the Love Food Hate Waste website for how your household can avoid food waste. Visit:

  • Buy It for great ideas on food shopping
  • Cook It to find out how much food you really need and for delicious nutritious recipes that use up leftover ingredients
  • Save It for how to keep your food fresh and prevent it from ending up in the bin
  • Love food to learn about the issues and how wasting less food helps our environment.

For more information visit


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