Environmental Issues

E-waste includes electronic equipment such as computers, televisions and printers. Its disposal in Australia is a significant problem as we have a fast uptake and turnover of electronic products. When e-waste is dumped in our landfills the materials and chemical components used to make computer equipment such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic can leach into and harm our environment.

Reuse Method

Can you give your TV away or sell it? (if reusable) to charity, such as:

  • Log onto Ziilch: A reuse and upcycling website. List your unwanted items to give away and receive goods from others for FREE.  Members can request items and arrange a mutually convenient time for collection. Ziilch aims to help keep perfectly good stuff out of landfill and off the naturestrip. Consider passing on your item to someone who can use it.
  • ReUseIt: Alternatively, try a similar website to find new uses for your unwanted items that would otherwise be thrown into the trash.

Recycle Method

  • Drop off your old TVs at Hawkesbury City Council Waste Management Facility (The Driftway, South Windsor) for Free.

Alternatively, for more information:

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