Where Does it Go?

Where Does it Go?

Recyclables are first collected by the JJ Richards truck, they are then transported the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) at Smithfield. The MRF is operated by VISY Recycling. It is here that materials are dumped onto a conveyer belt. Materials are sorted by hand to remove the non recyclables (these are called contamination) which are sent to landfill.

Steel cans are the first to be separated from the recycling stream. They are removed by large magnets and thrown into a separate holding bay as they move along the conveyer belt. Paper passes through a number of machines called trommels which help remove it from other recyclables.

Aluminum cans, PET bottles, and glass are individually collected  by people sorting the material. Glass is divided into brown, green and clear containers. All of these products besides glass are compacted into bales and takes to recyclers. Glass is placed in large containers and transported this way.

These products are then made into new things...BUT WHAT? Click on the links find out….

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