Love Food Hate Waste

NSW households throw away more than $2.5 billion worth of edible food per year. Sad, isn't it? Sadder still, most of it could have been eaten. Reduce the amount of food you waste by using leftover items to make sauces or as a sandwich filling. Logos: NSW EPA, Love Food, Hate Waste. Avoid Reduce Reuse Recycle. Living sustainably in the Hawkesbury. Waste less food, save money and our environment.

Love Food Hate Waste helps you avoid food waste, save time and money and reduce your environmental impact by planning better, shopping smarter and storing food effectively.

The Love Food Hate Waste program is managed by the Environment Protection Authority and run in partnership with retailers, food manufacturers, community groups and local government authorities in which Hawkesbury City Council is a proud partner.

Food waste is a complex social, economic and environmental problem that is having an increasingly negative impact on our world. As food lovers, we can enjoy the taste of our food and the social side of eating together. We can also buy, cook and save our food better, reducing our environmental impact and saving us time and money.

Explore the Love Food Hate Waste for householder’s website or the Love Food Hate Waste for businesses website for how you can avoid food waste. Visit:

  • Buy It for great ideas on food shopping
  • Cook It to find out how much food you really need and for delicious nutritious recipes that use up leftover ingredients
  • Save It for how to keep your food fresh and prevent it from ending up in the bin
  • Love food to learn about the issues and how wasting less food helps our environment.

Learn from others and share your own buying, cooking and saving food experiences. Become a Food Lover and we will add your tips to the website.

Visit the Household Resources page for fact sheets, brochures, menu planners, posters and banners.

Visit the Business Resources page for case studies and to provide information to your customers in the form of fact sheets, brochures, menu planners, posters and banners. You will also find resources for your staff including posters and banners.

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