Managing Waste from Demolition, Excavation and Construction Sites

Important information for demolition and excavation companies, builders, contractors, project managers, property developers and land owners.

The Hawkesbury industrial and commercial sector accounts for an average of 25,000 tonnes of waste sent to landfill annually, second to domestic waste.

The implementation of effective waste minimisation strategies through planning and management has the potential to significantly reduce these volumes and benefit the builder / developer by reducing costs, improving workplace safety and compliance with legislation.

A Waste Management Plan is a simple checklist that will provide Council with information about the volume, storage, disposal and ongoing treatment of construction & demolition waste. Applicants seeking development approval either Council or an accredited certifier must complete a Waste Management Plan that includes the following critical actions:

  • avoiding unnecessary resource consumption,
  • recovering resources for reuse,
  • recovering resources for recycling or reprocessing
  • disposing of residual waste (as a last resort)

To help complete your Waste Management Plan follow the useful links below:

Waste Management Plan

Download a copy of the Waste Management Plan.

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