Flood Evacuation Information

Windsor Flood Evacuation Route - Hawkesbury Valley Way and Jim Anderson Bridge.  As part of the Windsor Road Upgrade program, the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS ) has built a 2.6km, two-lane road between Richmond Road/Macquarie Street at Windsor, and Groves Avenue/Windsor Road at Mulgrave, with a high-level bridge across South Creek.  This is now known as the Hawkesbury Valley Way and Jim Anderson Bridge.  If you require information about this project you are encouraged to contact visit the RMS website or contact the RMS on 13 22 13.

State Emergency Services Involvement in Flooding and Evacuation

In a flood or other emergency, the State of Emergency Services (SES) are the lead authority for evacuations and safety information.

For general SES information volunteering and being flood prepared call the SES on 1800 201 000 or 132500 or www.ses.nsw.gov.au.


NSW Department of Primary Industries Involvement in Flooding and Evacuation

In response to a flood emergency, with the support of participating and supporting organisations, NSW DPI’s primary role and responsibility is to:

  • provide immediate animal relief services and continuing rehabilitation assistance to primary producers;
  • coordinate the supply and distribution of emergency fodder supplies and other materials to animals affected by floods;
  • manage the care of companion pets; and to
  • provide animal care services for wildlife, domestic animals and companion pets of victims evacuated from an area affected by a flood emergency.

For general NSW DPI information visit www.dpi.nsw.gov.au.

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