13 September 2018

Mayoral Column

Exciting news! One million containers have been collected at the Windsor Metal Recyclers’ Return and Earn collection point. I was delighted when Ken Bleakley, the owner and operator of Windsor Metal Recyclers, invited me to symbolically drop off the millionth container. I also invited the President of Windsor Lions Ron Coleman, as Windsor Lions has delivered tens of thousands of containers as part of Return and Earn.

It’s fantastic news for our community that so many people are supporting the Return and Earn program, which ultimately means less litter and better environmental outcomes for our community.

The 1 million milestone places the Windsor Metal Recyclers’ collection point in the Top 3 ‘Largest Over-The-Counter sites in NSW’. Windsor Metal Recyclers, at 20/124 Ham Street, South Windsor, has been a collection point since the Return and Earn scheme started on 1 December 2017. Windsor Metal Recyclers is popular with local residents because they have the advantage of providing a cash payment and being able to accept bulk drop offs.

The Return and Earn allows you to receive a 10 cent refund on eligible bottles and cans when you drop them off at a collection point. The Return and Earn scheme aims to reach the goal of a 40% reduction in litter. About 160 million drink containers were littered in 2014-2015.

For more information about the Return and Earn scheme and to see the locations of the local Over-The-Counter sites and Reverse Vending Machines, visit www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au/environment/waste-management/waste-and-recycling/return-and-earn

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