14 March 2019

Mayoral Column

New drinking water stations have been installed at Windsor in Howe Park and Windsor Mall as well as in Richmond at Ham Common and Richmond Park, thanks to a collaborative project funded by Hawkesbury City Council and Sydney Water.

Council has worked with Sydney Water to provide the four permanent stations at some of the Hawkesbury’s most frequented spaces.

The conveniently located water stations will allow residents and visitors to readily refill reusable water bottles or to drink from a bubbler. We have some of the best drinking water in the world and it’s already filtered by Sydney Water.

It makes me happy to know that children and families can have a healthy alternative to sugary drinks at these locations, when they are walking around the Mall or playing at our parks. I’m also sure that everyone, young and old, will be glad to have refreshing, clean water available when they are getting their daily exercise or even just walking their dog at the park. Dogs will also have the benefit of a trough at the base of the drinking water station, so we have not forgotten our best friends either. We would never give a dog a sugary soft drink, so let’s stop giving them to ourselves and drink healthy water instead.

Sydney Water removes over one million plastic bottles from our waterways each year across its area of operation. Buying fewer drinks in disposable bottles will also help our environment, so please help yourself to the free water at these new drinking water stations.

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