14 November 2019

Mayoral Column

Do you and your family have your bushfire survival plan in place? People spend months planning their holidays and yet it only takes around 40 mins to prepare your bushfire survival plan. It is time well spent.

Much of the Hawkesbury region is prone to bushfires, so you need to have a plan so that you are ready to act if your situation changes. I live in a bushfire prone area and we so have our bushfire survival plan ready.

It is also important to prepare your property against the threat of bush fires by maintaining or cleaning up your property or home of fire hazards regularly. You also need to work out where you will go if you need to leave your home.

Please ensure you have contacts in place before you need them – family and friends in safe locations are the best option if you need to stay somewhere else overnight. During the day, safe areas are places that are well away from bushland areas, such as large towns or shopping centres or local libraries that provide facilities such as toilets and air conditioning.

The NSW Rural Fire Service’s comprehensive website provides the tools to easily make your bush fire survival plan. Prepare your bushfire survival plan today. For information on how to prepare your Bush Fire Survival Plan and Emergency Survival Kit visit the NSW RFS website www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

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