18 January 2018

From the Mayor's Desk

Great neighbourhoods and town centres are thriving and resilient places with strong community engagement and leadership. This is not always easy to achieve.

The foundation to Hawkesbury City Council’s approach to town centre revitalisation is great research. We want to understand what is most important to you, so we can prioritise investment that makes a difference. To do this, we have partnered with PlaceScore, which, through its software and services, provides tools that improve engagement and transparency, while also measuring the impact of investment. The Town Centre Care Factor survey www.placescore.org/hawkesbury that we asking residents, businesses and visitors to complete is like a ‘place census’ providing us with the data we need to make better decisions.

We have had hundreds of people complete the Care Factor Survey since December, and we’re hoping everyone gets on board. The added value of this survey is that we can use it for future projects in town centres across the Hawkesbury. The Care Factor data lets us know what everyone cares about, and how different groups value different things - whether this is residents in different suburbs, businesses or people of different ages.

The survey is open until Wednesday, 7 February 2018 so please share your priorities about what really makes a town centre great for you. Data collection is one of the hardest things to achieve and we are proud that our community is engaging with this survey, proving that Hawkesbury residents care about their town centres. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please complete the Care Factor survey at www.placescore.org/hawkesbury

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