19 December 2019

Mayoral Column

Over the past couple of weeks Hawkesbury City Councillors and I have been attending local school presentation assemblies to award Hawkesbury City Council School Citizenship Awards to deserving students. These students are selected for these awards for a wide range of reasons, such as academic achievements, contribution to the school community or perhaps for displaying personal qualities important to the school’s spirit. It has been a delight to meet so many talented young people within our community who are dedicated to their studies and their school life.

On behalf of the Hawkesbury community I want to pay tribute to our hardworking Rural Fire Service and all emergency services volunteers who have given all of their time and effort to protect both people and property during the fires which are ongoing. There are no words strong enough to convey the community’s gratitude to our self-sacrificing volunteers both those from the local area, from other parts of Australia and from overseas. Thank you!

As in previous years, Council will be operating with reduced staffing levels from

Tuesday, 24 December 2019 until Thursday, 2 January 2020. Importantly, we will have our Customer Service Telephone Contact Centre (phone 4560 4444) operating from Friday, 27 December 8:30am to 5pm, Monday, 30 December 8:30am to 5pm, Tuesday, 31 December 8:30am to 3pm. An after-hours telephone service will operate outside business hours from the general Council phone number, which is 4560 4444. For more details on all Council hours, please visit www.hawkebury.nsw.gov.au

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