19 March 2020

Mayoral Column

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting local residents who are keen to help the environment, and save waste from our landfill, by joining the new swap and go coffee cup system from Green Caffeen. The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) and Hawkesbury City Council introduced the program at the local café Lime and Coconut in Windsor, who are participating in the program. Residents had the chance to enjoy free coffee and hear about the benefits for our environment just by reusing their cups instead of takeaway cups.

Takeaway coffee cups are plastic lined and other takeaways cups are rarely recycled or composted due to inadequate industrial composting facilities and the difficulty of getting the cups or lids there. Some people already bring their own cups but when you forget your cup you now have another option – the Green Caffeen program.

We’re asking local cafes to join in so that customers can use this program, and it is also free for cafes. It’s not just for coffee drinkers, but for anyone who wants a hot takeaway drink, be it hot chocolate, chai, green tea or whatever.

The Responsible Cafes program, which a lot of our cafes have also joined thanks to all the work of the Hawkesbury Environment Network, will work alongside the Green Caffeen program as well. Responsible Cafes provide a discount to customers who bring their own cups. This a great partnership between WSROC, Green Caffeen, Hawkesbury City Council, Responsible Cafes and local communities in Western Sydney to help our environment.

For more information about Green Caffeen, visit https://greencaffeen.com.au For more information about Responsible Cafes, visit https://responsiblecafes.org

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