21 February 2019

Mayoral Column

I’m pleased to share with you that $18.75 million in funding ($15M from State and Federal funding plus $3.75 million Council) will enable Council to continue its Hawkesbury’s Vibrant Towns and Villages project under Round 1 of the Western Parkland City Liveability Program as part of the Western Sydney City Deal.

The Hawkesbury’s Vibrant Towns and Villages project is a placemaking program which will focus on improving the town centres of Windsor, Richmond and South Windsor.

This funding will create exciting opportunities for the Hawkesbury community and businesses in Windsor, Richmond and South Windsor and will also create places that attract locals and visitors, build business confidence and improve the way the town centres function.

Our first step will be to plan what we will be doing in the towns before design and construction commences. Council has already commenced the journey of revitalising its town centres with the assistance of Council’s Town Centres Working Group, which will continue to work with the community and businesses to create vibrant hubs.

Hawkesbury City Council is one of the eight City Deal councils who will receive funding for local community infrastructure projects under the program. Each of the projects will be co-funded by the three levels of government. The Australian and NSW Governments are each contributing $60 million to the program. The Western Sydney City Deal is a 20 year-agreement between Australian and NSW Governments, and the eight Councils of the Western Parkland City to capitalise on the once-in-a-generation opportunity presented by Western Sydney Airport and to deliver transformative change to the region. Details at https://citydeals.infrastructure.gov.au/western-sydney

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