21 May 2020

Mayoral Column

It’s been wonderful to hear from our community members in Bilpin, Colo Heights and the Macdonald Valley over the past few weeks through our community project surveys. The survey results will help us to determine the priority projects that Hawkesbury City Council will deliver in these areas, particularly in light of the recent bushfires that have had such a significant impact in the Hawkesbury.

For those of you living in Bilpin, Colo Heights and the Macdonald Valley, since you have let us know your ideas, we can now create a plan and a timeframe for the projects. We are listening to you so that we can tailor the projects to your needs as a community, using what you have identified in the community surveys as your top priorities.

Thank you for completing our community surveys, and for getting on board with these priority projects. Our next steps will be to focus on our planning so that we can implement these projects to achieve the best outcomes for you. We will also ensure that the money we spend on these projects actually helps you in the recovery from the 2019/2020 bushfires and provides long lasting benefits.

I’ll be letting you know about the results of these community surveys over coming weeks, and details about the priority projects that will be delivered to uplift and revitalise Bilpin, Colo Heights and the Macdonald Valley.

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