23 May 2019

Mayoral Column

It’s easier than ever for the general public to report issues or make requests to Hawkesbury City Council using Council’s online reporting system.

The customer request online forms are helping our community members to submit requests such as change of address or smaller bins, or make reports such as road issues at any time of the day. Council also receives various online requests from community members, including bin requests and tree reports, enabling Council to address these issues.

Council no longer receives any notifications or requests through an app called Snap Send Solve. Users of Snap Send Solve may receive the false impression that a notification has been sent to Council through the commercial app; however this is not the case. Please do not send requests to Council via Snap Send Solve as they will not be received.

The online forms are available on the right hand side of the Council website www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au under ‘Quick Links Request or Report it’ or you can use the link https://www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au/report-and-request-forms

The forms can also be accessed via the ‘Contact us’ button on Council’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/hawkesburycitycouncil

Using these forms will ensure that Council receives all of your request details, and most importantly, your contact information so that we can respond directly to you.

While the request forms have been created to make it easier for anyone to make reports and requests, Council’s friendly customer service staff are always available during business hours by calling 4560 4444 or by visiting Council’s Administration Building at 366 George Street, Windsor.

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