25 April 2019

Mayoral Column

I recently invited student leaders and their teachers from our local primary and high schools to visit Hawkesbury City Council. They came along to the Council Chambers and had a tour of my office as part of getting to know Council better. It was wonderful meeting so many students, principals and teachers, with around 100 students visiting over different days.

The student leaders seemed to really enjoy the chance to think about what it was like to be a Councillor, while other students had a go at being the General Manager or Council Directors in a mock Council Meeting. Some students spoke about topics that matter to them in the Hawkesbury and they saw what it could be like to have Councillors vote on an issue. I started off as Mayor but then I soon handed the reins over to our future generation to try their hand at Council leadership. It was interesting for us all.

We also discussed how local government works, where it fits in the scheme of Government generally and how the three spheres of government relate to each other and “who does what”. We also talked about local issues and how the State Government builds bridges over the river. Council’s Corporate Communications Manager Suzanne Stuart provided an insight into the workings of Council itself and she informed the students about the many events which Council hosts or sponsors that often appeal to young people in the Hawkesbury, such as the recent Youthfest at Richmond Park.

I was impressed by the students’ combined knowledge about government generally. I hope our local students will continue their interest in politics and local community issues.

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